Carver’s Wins Green Business of the Year Award

A Green Business of the Year winner, Carvers has made every effort to protect our future by using thoughtful alternative and sustainable energy solutions. We lead by example by doing everything possible to become more environmentally responsible, and hope that our alternative powered, eco-conscious restaurant and brewery sets the standard. […]

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How Carver’s Was Almost the First Brewpub in Colorado and Why it Wasn’t. (Hint: Grand Canyon + Boat)

In 1988 Carvers opened the brewery – making it the first brewery in the four corners region since prohibition. Although still known affectionately by the locals as “Carvers”, Carvers then became Carver Brewing Company.  Turns out we were just a few months short of claiming the first Brewpub in Colorado.  We went on a River Trip […]

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Carver Bakery Is Founded

Carver Brothers Bakery first opened on June 1, 1983, in Winter Park, Colorado. It started with Jim, Bill, Sara and Eleanor Carver. In 1986 Jim, Bill and Barb Wynne opened Carvers Bakery / Café in Durango and the Winter Park Bakery was sold.

In 1988 Carvers opened the brewery – making it the first brewery in […]

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Jimmy Carter Signs HR1337 Allowing Home Brewing

In November 1978, Congress passed HR1337 repealing Federal restrictions on the home brewing of small amounts of beer. Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, signed the bill into law in February 1979, and many states soon followed suit. However, this bill left individual states free to pass their own laws limiting production, leaving some […]

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