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The Carver Farm and Our Commitment to Local Agriculture

Carvers is collaborating with Twin Buttes Gardens to bring our clients the freshest local food that we can find.  Twin Buttes Gardens are designed to help residents of Durango and the Twin Buttes community enjoy the benefits of healthy food grown locally and sustainably. Not only does the Garden provide great local food, but creates a practical and aesthetic solution to large-scale landscaping at Twin Buttes Development.  At Carver Brewing we recognize that a sustainable lifestyle includes a connection to the local production of wholesome food.  The 2 acres of main farm plots at the West Meadows are a colorful and diverse ecosystem providing nutrient dense food, beauty, and educational opportunities, while creating an attractive aesthetic to the community.

The gardens at Twin Buttes have been in production since 2008—using sustainable, organic farming techniques. In 2012, the gardens expanded from the original .5 acre plot to over 2 acres in the West Meadows. This expansion allowed for the start of a CSA (community supported agriculture) program and an increase in wholesale capacity. In 2014, Twin Buttes began leasing a 2.5 acre plot in the Animas Valley on CR 250. The addition of Twin Buttes Gardens at the Carver Farm has allowed the gardens to grow to include a 60 member CSA and increase wholesale distribution to numerous Durango restaurants and natural food stores.

Carvers is committed to fresh, local and healthy food and drinks. From salad greens to hops and malt, we support our local farmpreneurs. We even created a video explaining the process.  Cheers!

“It’s been a year in the making, and it’s an awesome thing we’re enjoying. You can tell the difference. People have been noticing it.

-Chef Dave Cuntz

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Here’s a schedule of local food ingredients:


High Pine Produce Mixed Greens, Red Russian Kale, Redbore Curly Red Kale, Breen Mini Red Romaine Lettuce.


Jalepenos, Chiles, Yellow Squash, Zuccini, Calabacitas.

Partner Farms and Cooperatives

In the Press

In this article the Durango Herald shines a light on the relationship between Twin Buttes and Carver Farms and farm-to-table at Carver Brewing Company.

Some Farm-to-Table Ingredients We Use!


All items are used fresh and in season.