Think green, Drink Beer

Carver’s has a long-standing tradition of being a sustainable business leader and is a winner of Durango’s prestigious Green Business of the Year award. Being environmentally responsible and progressive is not just what we believe, it’s what we do!

Our goals and achievements include:

In 2022, we first achieved carbon neutral operations! We achieved this milestone by reducing our overall footprint, continuing to purchase 100% renewable energy, and by supporting environmental mitigation programs. We are committed to maintaining carbon neutrality and continuing to reduce our footprint.

Our beer is brewed with water heated by the sun! As an early adopter of solar, we installed Durango’s largest solar hot water system at the time in 2008. Our 16 panel roof-top array provides hot water for the brewery and heats the restaurant.

Our brewery is highly efficient and utilizes closed-loop systems that capture and reuse both water and heat.

Draft beer, at minimum, has half the carbon footprint of packaged beer. How do we know? We conducted an LCA on our Raspberry Wheat Ale.

Carver’s became the first 100% wind powered restaurant and brewery in Durango in 2007, and continues to purchase 100% renewable power.

We offer delicious plant-rich menu items and have a focus on reducing waste.
We have partnered with Table To Farm compost to divert food scraps from the landfill. Plus, our 6-pack rings are backyard compostable.

The spent grain from the brewing process is donated to local farmers for animal feed. The grain is mashed to extract the sugars that power the fermentation process and animals love the remaining nutty grain husks!

We share our GHG inventory results, expertise and continue to learn as a Green Business Roundtable bloc member.
Table to Farm compost bucket
claire and colin  carver

Owners with a passion for sustainability

Colin and Claire Carver, owners, prior to stepping into the family business both work extensively in sustainability. Colin worked to bring utility scale geothermal power on-line. Claire, has a master’s in Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting and developed carbon neutrality and ESG programs.

claire and colin  carver